How to Sit in a Chair for Meditation: Release Your Back

This is the fourth and final (for now, anyway) installment of our video series on how to sit in a chair for optimal chi flow - whether you are meditating, working, or doing any other seated activity.

If you haven’t seen the first, second and third videos in the series, you may want to watch them first. In the first video, we introduce the basics of how to sit in a chair for optimal energy flow. In the second video, Bill demonstrates how to use the back support of your chair without sacrificing good alignment. And in the third video, he builds on the basic alignments to teach you how to lengthen your body upward as you sit.

In the video below Bill teaches how you can use a kwa fold exercise to release tension that may build up in your back while sitting in a chair. This exercise can also be done standing - for more information about that, and about the kwa in general, please see this post from last year.

Please feel free to share your experience with this technique in the comments section below.

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