Taoism is a Chinese philosophical, spiritual, and religious tradition which dates back thousands of years and which has many branches.

Bruce Frantzis, the teacher of our teachers here at Toward Harmony, is a lineage older in the taoist water tradition. He was a disciple of the late taoist sage Liu Hung Chieh, who traces his lineage back to Lao-Tse, author of the Tao Te Ching. 

This seminal text of the water tradition is well known - it is one of the most translated literary works in the world. Less well-known, however, are the meditation and qigong methods that form the core spiritual practice of this branch of Taoism. 


The water tradition gets its name from it's approach to life and spiritual practice. It is an approach of total relaxation and letting go, of going with the natural flow of life. Learning to flow around obstacles and, in doing so, wear them down over time.

One distinguishing factor of water tradition practices is that they are very kinesthetic. Rather than using visualization to move energy, a practitioner learns to directly feel their own body and it's energies in great detail. 

Another key characteristic of the water tradition is what we call the 70% principle. This entails only training to 70% of one's capacity at any time, and in all aspects of practice. Practicing this way avoids strain and tension, which allows both the mind and the body to relax and open.

Everything we teach at Toward Harmony is infused with the core principles of the Taoist Water tradition.