TV Appearance: The 70% Principle

This past Wednesday morning, I was on the local lifestyle show Mass Appeal, on WWLP 22 News. They wanted to do a segment on qigong for relaxation, and I suggested we focus on The 70% Principle.

This is a key practice principle of the Taoist Water Tradition. It’s a rich subject, and at some point I will circle back around and cover it in greater depth on this blog. On the show, we discussed how it can be used to facilitate relaxation, and we explored this in a movement from Dragon & Tiger qigong.

The host and producer of the show, Danny New, is fun to work with and has a way of putting his guests at ease. I’d say he knows a thing or two about relaxation himself. I appreciate him inviting me on the show, and that he’s game to try things he has never done before live on TV.

Here’s a link to the clip: