Would you like some personal or hands-on help to nourish and balance your chi and move you toward greater harmony?

Our teachers are available for private lessons, sessions in qigong tui na bodywork, or the two combined.

What is Qigong Tui Na?

Qigong Tui Na bodywork is a form of Chinese Medicine that is rarely found in the U.S. As with all branches of Chinese Medicine, its aim is to release, increase, and balance your chi to help you feel more alive, harmonious, and whole.

Qigong tui na works by unblocking, stimulating, and balancing the chi that moves through the superficial and deep channels and tissues of your body. It works with many body systems including muscles, ligaments, fascia, internal organs, blood, and nerves.

It can help you balance all types of chi within you, from the physical to the emotional to the mental to the spiritual.

A practitioner must have developed their own energy and sensitivity through qigong practice. They must be able to work very lightly or very deeply, as you need or want them to.

You wear loose, comfortable clothing and may lie down, sit, or stand.

Is Qigong Tui Na For You?

Our clients and students have found that qigong tui na has helped them with conditions ranging from asthma to arthritis, anxiety to depression, chronic pain to recent injury, and fatigue to trauma. It has also been helpful for them with feelings of “being stuck”, “not themselves”, or “disconnected”.

We are happy to work with you whether you study qigong or tai chi or not.

However, please note that qigong tui na coupled with tai chi or qigong practice can be especially beneficial. Our qigong tui na is a part of the tradition that we teach. Therefore our bodywork can reinforce qigong and tai chi practice and vice-versa.

Kathryn and Bill’s Work

Kathryn and Bill practice qigong tui na somewhat differently.

Kathryn uses qigong tui na techniques to engage with you in a process of mindful awareness. She helps you learn to be more present in your body and to listen to it. Such mindful awareness enables your body to naturally relax, awaken, unwind, and open. She works with many who are very sensitive.

Bill uses qigong tui na to help people with specific concerns. He is particularly adept at helping people recover from injuries and surgeries, recent or old.

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