Sure, It's Good to Relax, But How?

Everyone agrees that it's good to relax, no?

Our experience, however, is that few people know how to relax.

If you study with us, we'll teach you step-by-step methods of training and moving which lead you to relaxation.

Three-Minute Relaxation Practice

As a start, try the following little exercise. Click the play button below to hear our guided audio practice.

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So, how does one relax? Long ago in China people became intrigued with this question.

They studied babies and young children to see why they are the most relaxed - and energetic - of all people. They also studied animals such as tigers that remain equally relaxed whether they move slow or fast.

They found that rhythmical, slow, moderate, and continuous movements relax the human body. These are the types of movements we encouraged you to try in the 3-minute relaxation practice.

When most people try this exercise, they find that their whole body - or at least parts of their body - naturally begin to relax.

This is consistent with another ancient Chinese finding - that if you relax your hands, feet, and face, then the whole of your body is likely to relax.

These findings are built right into the practices that we teach.

If you would like to learn more about relaxation, qigong, or tai chi, please explore our website. We offer many ways for you to learn: