Dragon & Tiger Qigong as Moving Meditation - March 2


Dragon & Tiger Qigong as Moving Meditation - March 2


In this workshop, our special topic of focus will be Physical Body Presence: The 5 Phases of Your Breath.

Bill will help you develop your ability to stay continuously present to all of the parts of your physical body that are directly affected/changed by your breathing.

This workshop is part of a monthly series. In each monthly workshop in addition to addressing a special topic, we also explore and deepen:

  • our foundation practice of becoming more and more present to the soles of our feet when we stand and move;

  • meditation aspects of one of the 7 moves of the Dragon & Tiger set or the transition movements; and

  • how to develop better presence when doing the entire set.


You must have attended one of our Introduction to Moving Meditation workshops. It is also best -but not required - that you know the movements of Dragon & Tiger qigong.


Saturday, March 2, 2019


10 a.m. to Noon (with optional Taoist philosophy discussion led by Bill from Noon to 12:30 p.m.)




Bill Ryan

IF WE HAVE RUN OUT OF SPACE when you try to register, please email (info@towardharmony.com) us as soon as you can to let us know. If there is sufficient interest, we will offer another section of the workshop on the same day.

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If you choose to practice Dragon & Tiger qigong as meditation with us, we will teach you three aspects of doing so - mental focus, relaxation, and spiritual exploration.

You can choose which of these aspects are more important to you at any time.


In general, we offer a workshop on the first Saturday of every month in which we explore various aspects of Dragon & Tiger qigong as Taoist moving meditation.

To participate you do not have to attend each workshop in the series. You may attend when you can.

Each workshop builds on the information and practices presented in our Introduction to Moving Meditation workshop, which you must take first in order to participate.


The next workshops in this series will be held: 

  • Saturday, May 4: Presence and Relaxation: Letting Go of Your Mind, Chi, and Body

  • Saturday, June 1: Physical Body Presence: Your Fingers and Palms

There will be no workshop in April, as Kathryn Komidar will offer a workshop on Embodying Compassion through Dragon & Tiger Qigong on March 31.

All Workshops include optional discussion of Taoist philosophy led by Bill from Noon to 12:30 p.m.

Possible Future Workshop Subjects include (in no particular order):

  • Physical Body Presence: The Tops of Your Feet

  • Continuous Presence: Physical Balance

  • Chi (Etheric) Body Presence: Feeling the Pathways

  • Emotional Distractions: Wu So Wei and You Suo Wei

  • Open-Minded Presence: Simultaneous Awareness of Many Phenomena

  • Continuous Presence: Strategies for Reducing Your Gaps in Presence

  • Physical Body Presence: Your Head and Face

  • Chi (Etheric) Body Presence: Feeling Below Your Feet

  • Chi (Etheric) Body Presence: Feeling Past Your Hands

  • Physical Body Presence: Your Hips and Tailbone

  • Chi (Etheric) Body Presence: Feeling Your Lower Dantian

  • Continuous Presence: The Importance of Rhythm

  • Continuous Presence in the Set: How to Use the Transition Movements

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  • If you pay for the workshop and are not able to attend due to an illness, emergency, or other circumstances beyond your control, then we will refund the fee you paid, minus a $10 administrative fee.

  • If you pay for the workshop and decide not to attend for any other reason, if we are able to fill your space with another student, then we will refund the fee you paid, minus a $10 administrative fee. Otherwise, we will not refund any of your fee.

  • In any of the above circumstances, instead of issuing of refund, we will be happy to hold your full fee as a credit to be used for classes or workshops with us in the future.