Dragon & Tiger Qigong as Moving Meditation - February 2


Dragon & Tiger Qigong as Moving Meditation - February 2


An exploration of Dragon & Tiger qigong as a form of moving meditation. This is workshop is a continuation of our Moving Meditation series.

In each workshop we will explore:

  • presence (mindfulness) and other meditation principles of the Taoist Water Tradition. These principles include: balance; relaxation; opening your mind to feel many things simultaneously; and aligning yourself with gravity, the energies of the seasons, and other natural flows of energy.

  • a practice in which you foster presence to an aspect of your lower body, such as how you step or turn

  • a practice in which you foster presence to an aspect of your upper body, such as how you move your hands or how you breathe

  • a practice we do in each workshop to help you assess your progress over time in developing and expanding your presence capacities

  • your experiences while practicing - at the physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.


You must have attended one of our Introduction to Moving Meditation workshops.


Saturday, February 2, 2019


10 a.m. to 11:45 a.m.




Bill Ryan

IF WE HAVE RUN OUT OF SPACE when you try to register, please email (info@towardharmony.com) us as soon as you can to let us know. If there is sufficient interest, we will offer another section of the workshop on the same day.

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Our Taoist tradition considers Compassion, Universal Love, and qualities such as Kindness and Caring to be naturally occurring energies found throughout the universe.  

Through the practice of Dragon & Tiger we can learn to perceive, generate, give and receive these energies. Eventually we can learn to pull them into and infuse every cell of our bodies, and from our bodies send them out to every corner of the universe.


Although Dragon & Tiger is most commonly practiced today for health and relaxation, it has deep roots in the spiritual traditions of both Taoism and Buddhism.

Dragon & Tiger’s kinesthetic orientation to bringing the body and its energies into balance indicates that it was developed by Taoists. Yet the oral history of our tradition says that for 1500 years it was held and practiced in China’s Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Chan Buddhism. 

Only in the 1940s did a Shaolin monk teach the system to someone outside the Temple. A woman practitioner of Chinese Medicine named Zhang Jia Hua received it from her uncle. She then taught it publicly in China, including to our teacher Bruce Frantzis.

To bring things full circle, Bruce and his Taoist teacher Liu Hung Chieh - who was also a highly accomplished practitioner of Buddhism - then integrated it into our Taoist Water Tradition of qigong and meditation.

Cultivation of Compassion and Loving Kindness with the wish that all sentient beings benefit is central to Buddhist meditation. Many practices exist for sending and receiving Compassion, sometimes using the medium of the breath, sometimes using visualization or imagination, and always training the mind toward it.

The practice of sending and receiving Compassion through D&T as taught to us by Bruce follows the Taoist principle of making the body itself conscious. While we begin with an intention to feel, send and receive Compassion, we ultimately develop a felt experience of it deeper and deeper within the body itself until we literally embody its energy.  In each move of Dragon & Tiger we continuously exchange it, first with our immediate surrounding, and ultimately with the whole universe.