Wu Style Tai Chi Medium Form Course


Wu Style Tai Chi Medium Form Course


This session Bill will continue teaching the Medium Form. This form introduces movements that provide a greater challenge to your balance and develop stronger cross-body connections.

This session Bill will teach about how to apply the key principle of “lengthen in and out” while doing the Short or Medium form and Tai Chi Circling Hands.

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor based on your knowledge of the Short Form and Tai Chi Circling Hands.

Class Times:

Tuesdays   5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Dates: 5 weeks, July 17 to August 14.

Instructor: Bill Ryan

Cost: $90

Multiple Course Discount: If you take multiple courses during this session, you may take a $15 discount off your base fee for each course. On the checkout page, enter this discount code: Multi5

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