Qigong Retreat at Stump Sprouts retreat Center

From the Spring of 2011 through the Fall of 2017 we held 25 weekend retreats with the theme of Toward Harmony with the Earth.

We returned season after season, year after year to the same remote natural setting so that we could experience change and continuity within nature’s rhythms.

We explored how we could:

  • cultivate our own energies by deepening our qigong practices,
  • sense and resonate with the seasonal energies of Earth, and
  • build a more conscious personal relationship with Earth and the web of life she supports.

Although we've stopped doing these retreats, we hope in the future to offer similar teachings, perhaps in a different format.

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Earth as Our Teacher

Taoists view Earth as a living being.

She is our “great yin” or Mother, a fundamental manifestation of the feminine energy which arises from the Tao.

She nourishes, supports, and sustains us and all other beings around us. Her nurturing energy is available to us always.

Earth is an ever-present teacher of how to be what Taoists call “natural” in all aspects of life.

By studying her ways - especially her five seasons - we can learn how to let go and flow with life’s changes.

From her we can learn how to gain a sense of wholeness, interconnectedness, and harmony with those around us.

We also can learn how to become balanced, whole, and healthy within our ourselves.

One of the most direct ways to do this is to learn to feel, explore, and enhance the ways that our chi flows in and through Earth and Earth's chi flows in and through us.

These flows between us occur directly, as well as indirectly through her web of life that surrounds us and into which we are integrally connected.

Qigong practices are a wonderful vehicle that we can use to explore these chi flows.

While most of us initially practice qigong to develop and understand our own energies, a natural outgrowth of such practice is that we begin to become aware of how we are connected to and affected by the energies of what’s around us, especially Earth’s.