Tai Chi in the Park

WINTER SESSION - No Practice Sessions

We will resume our Saturday practice sessions in Child's Park in our Late Spring session, which will begin in late April or early May.

Strengthening our connection to nature and the natural environment around us is a major aspect of the practices we teach.

While it is quite possible to engage with the energies of the natural environment and the seasons by practicing indoors, it is usually much easier outdoors in a natural setting.

To facilitate this, we will be leading weekly practice sessions outdoors in Childs Park in Northampton, from 10 to 11 a.m.

During the first half of the hour, we will practice Dragon & Tiger qigong, and during the second half, we will practice Wu Style Tai Chi.

You are welcome to come any Saturday and follow along even if you don't know the qigong or tai chi we will be doing.