Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop

& Open Push Hands Session

Saturday, February 4

Tai Chi Push Hands exercises are cooperative practices which traditionally served as a bridge between solo form practice and martial arts training.

For persons interested in Tai Chi as a healthcare art, Push Hands is an excellent tool for self-exploration. It provides instant feedback on how well you are embodying tai chi skills. Plus it's fun!

Workshop Series with Aaron Green

Aaron Green's workshops are designed for students of all tai chi schools and styles and all levels of experience and interests. He will emphasize how to develop sensitivity and how to apply the internal energy aspects of tai chi to push hands. 

Aaron will teach you a simple Single Push Hands pattern and subtle arm and/or waist turning skills which help you deflect an opponent's force. He'll also explain how you take these skills back into your solo form.

He also will teach about how to apply in Push Hands aspects of the four fundamental energies of Tai Chi: Peng (ward off), Lu (roll back), Ji (press forward), and An (push downward).

In February Aaron will teach the energies of An and Ji, and teach how to transition smoothly from An to Ji.

Instructor: Aaron Green

Dates:  February 4

Time:  2 to 4:30 p.m.

Fee:  $50

Registration and Payment:

If you like, you may register and pay by check in advance.

Or your may register and pay by check or cash at the beginning of each class that you attend.

Open Push Hands

Practitioners from different schools in the Pioneer Valley are getting together on the Saturdays that Aaron teaches for Open Push Hands sessions.

Such sessions allow tai chi students from different schools and styles to come together and "play" Push Hands in a free-form manner. Anyone with any level of tai chi experience is welcome to join.

There is no charge for participating.

Dates:  February 4

Time:  11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.


February 4 at YMAA Western Mass. For the address
         and directions, please visit: www.ymaawesternmass.com

Visiting Instructor Aaron Green

Aaron Sherwood Green has trained extensively with Taoist Lineage Master Bruce Frantzis (www.energyarts.com) and taught his Energy Arts for more than 15 years. Aaron is a seasoned practitioner and a gifted teacher, who embodies a high level of energetic ability and sensitivity.

Aaron started his martial arts career in Taekwondo as a teenager and quickly progressed up to black belt level in both TKD and Hapkido by his early twenties. After a few painful yet illuminating lessons from his soon-to-be first Tai Chi Chuan instructor, Aaron began to realize that it is possible to fight in a relaxed and fluid manner with minimal tension.

Aaron continued to practice various methods until he was introduced to Bruce Frantzis and the Energy Arts System. It is here he found a clear, coherent, and complete system, not just for building martial power but for developing better health, physically, mentally, & spiritually.

Aaron currently travels around the US and internationally, teaching this life enhancing material and internal skills in weekend workshops and retreats. He can be reached at http://appliedenergyarts.weebly.com/