Energy Gates is our most fundamental qigong set. Its practice naturally stimulates the water elemental energy of your body in accord with Chinese five-element theory.

Through a standing meditation practice, and the Cloud Hands, three swings, and spine stretch exercises, you’ll learn to let your energy flow downward—like water—toward the earth.

You’ll also learn to "dissolve" your body’s tension and pain, as well as how to maintain healthy posture for maximum energy flow.

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Introduction to Energy Gates Qigong

You’ll learn a Standing Meditation practice to help you be present to, feel, and relax into your body, while cultivating healthy posture.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of the Clouds Hands exercise for more effortless movement, and the Back Release exercise to relax all your back muscles.

WINTER SESSION - January 11 to February 22

This course will not be offered this session. We begin a new Energy Gates sequence once every year or two. Please contact us if you would like to learn Energy Gates qigong.

Please consider taking our Introduction to Dragon & Tiger Qigong course, or our Introduction to Wu Style Tai Chi course.

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Refinements Courses

In an ongoing series of refinements courses, we'll deepen the Standing and Cloud Hands exercises and learn the First, Second, and Third Swing and Spine Stretch exercises.

We'll also explore qigong techniques such as whole body awareness and presence, sinking your chi, fully lengthening your body, and learning to feel and 'dissolve' any bindings in the energy gates of your body.

The courses progress at the pace of the group.

WINTER SESSION - January 11 to February 22

Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction to Energy Gates Qigong course or permission of instructor based on equivalent knowledge.

This course will not be offered this session. 

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