In 2012 instructor Bill Ryan partnered with our teacher Bruce Frantzis' company, Energy Arts, to produce a ten-week online training course for Dragon & Tiger qigong.

In 2016 the course was updated to include as bonus material over 8 hours of more advanced instruction with Bruce Frantzis.

dragon & tiger qigong movement 2

Over two thousand people around the world have taken the course. For some of their rave reviews, please see below.

It's always better if you can learn in a live setting with one of us, but if you - or a family member or friend - can't, then this is the next best thing.

You can learn the foundation moves of Dragon & Tiger in ten weeks - or take longer if you like. Bill teaches the entire course through video instruction and guided practices.

Bill has spent years researching how to teach Dragon & Tiger to beginners in the most effective and fun way possible. He's convinced that you can learn the set just fine online, with his detailed and careful guidance.

To see Bill explain what Dragon & Tiger qigong is and why you might want to learn it, click here.

To see two sample videos from the program, click here.

The first is about Bill's story of letting go of tension through qigong.

The second is a sample instructional video from the course, in which Bill teaches the leg motions of Movement 1 of the set, which is called Dragon & Tiger Meet.

One great thing about the Dragon & Tiger qigong set is you can do it at any level of skill - even poorly - and still benefit.

To learn more or join:
Dragon & Tiger Online Course with Bill Ryan

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Here are some of the testimonials we have received from the online Dragon and Tiger program:

"I had a great experience learning the basics of Dragon and Tiger Qigong. The teaching seemed effortless and covered just about everything about the exercises that a beginner needs to know to achieve success...profound gratitude to you all for sharing this rich qigong heritage. Thanks again."
Mark N.

"I really appreciate the teaching in Dragon and Tiger Qigong. It has helped in other areas of study for me. It really compliments my standing practice and has increased my sensitivity to feeling the energy. If and when a new teaching comes out online I'm sure I'll take advantage of that too. I am very impressed that I could learn from online training; the quality of instruction and the ability to review everything was so helpful. I now have a daily practice I can depend on as a foundation to further progress and study and it is just enjoyable to do. Thanks to all who made it happen."
Algie Roberson, USA
2007 Combat Conditioning Athlete of the Year awarded by Matt Furey, 1997 World Champion Shuai Chiao Kung Fu

"Thanks Bill, and assistant instructors Kaualani and Kurt, for a wonderful course. I'm from Melbourne, Australia, and we don't have any Energy Arts instructors here. I have Bruce's book and DVD, but didn't seriously get into it until the online course started. I found it a very simple and effective way of teaching. Thanks to you all."
John Saunders
Melbourne, Australia

"Thank you very much Bill for this great course! I was practicing Dragon & Tiger for about 5 years before starting. This online program really helped me to delve into each component of the set and completely transform my practice. I plan to do it once more into the next future because I am sure there is enough information for several runs."
Cyrille Rathgeber, France

"Congratulations, Energy Arts and Bill Ryan for the D/T on-line course. The modelling I received from this course helped me improve my attitude towards my practice. Consequently, I've learned that a kind courage is needed to relax sufficiently to avoid the anxiety that naturally occurs during practice. I'm referring to anxiety about the next interruption that often seems to be waiting to propel my mind back into another "doing". Feeling my way out of that problem seems to help a lot...especially since a better awareness of the meridian lines his begun to occur. In that same vein, an increased reliance upon the intelligence of the kwa has helped establish proper alignment on its own when I'm having a lot of knee pain. Oh, yeah...every day is different! And, there be Dragons! Thanks."
Dana McEacharn Machias, Maine

To learn more or join:
Dragon and Tiger Online Course with Bill Ryan