Would you like to:

  • have more energy?
  • enjoy better health?
  • slow down and relax?
  • quiet your mind?
  • be more comfortable inside your own skin?
  • better respond to the demands of daily life?
  • feel more connected to what’s around you?
  • feel more alive and whole?

All of the practices that we teach—tai chi, qigong, and others—can help you move in these directions.

Who We Teach

Everyone is welcome.

Whether you want a challenge or need gentle support, whether you are new to our subjects or have a lot of experience, we have a diverse set of courses from which you can choose.

Our building has an elevator and wheelchair access. Please contact us for details.

Health or Meditation?

Taoists were particularly interested in the challenge of how to simultaneously make their bodies healthy and their minds and spirits clear.

Over thousands of years they developed rich and sophisticated tools to do so. Among these tools are our Water Tradition foundation practices.

With us you can learn to make your body more healthy and vibrant. Or you can learn to become more present, feel what is inside you, and quiet your mind and emotions.

Are you more interested in health or in meditation? You can explore either or both through our tai chi, qigong, and bodywork.