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September 3 to 16

Tai Chi's basic practice consists of a gentle flowing progression of movements known as a form.

Tai Chi was originally developed as a martial art rooted in qigong, i.e. energy development exercises.

We teach its qigong and moving meditation aspects.

We teach the Wu Style of tai chi because it is excellent for promoting health.

Its high stances protect your knees, and its emphasis on developing "yin energy" leads to deep nervous system relaxation.

Practice of the Wu Style promotes better balance and whole body health, and is particularly helpful for lower back conditions.

You can use it to calm and steady your mind and deeply relax your body.

Introduction to Wu Style Tai Chi

We will give you a thorough introduction to this wonderful art, and its core principles, at a relaxed pace and in an accessible and easy to learn form.

Over two 7-week sessions (Parts 1 & 2) you will learn foundation tai chi movement skills, relaxation principles, healthy posture, and the Wu Style Mini Form.

The Mini Form consists of the first 7 moves of the Wu Style Short Form. It contains many important tai chi movements for health and meditation, and takes only a few minutes to perform.

Early Fall Session - September 3 to 16

Try a Free Class

From Tuesday, September 3 through Monday, September 16 you may try your first class for free, unless the course is already fully enrolled. 

On these days, before you come to try a free class, please check the top of any page of our website or call us at 413-586-8880 and select option 1. You will find or hear an announcement if the course is already fully enrolled.

Class Times:

Mondays         5:45 - 6:45 p.m.        Dan
Tuesdays        Noon - 1:30 p.m.      Dan

Each class in a week covers the same material. Once you have paid the course fee, you may come to one or both classes in any week.


Part 1 - September 3 to October 21
Part 2 will be offered during our Late Fall session, which will begin October 28.


$120. This fee is $20 less than our normal course fee for a 7-week course. This means that you receive one class for free.

In addition, if you take multiple courses during this session, then you may take a $25 discount off your base fee for each course.

We do not offer other discounts for your first course. But once you've completed a course and proven your interest, we'll be happy to work with you to establish for you a fee you can afford going forward.

Registration and Payment:

Please click here to register online and pay by credit card through our website. 

You may also pay in person at our studio by check or cash, or mail us a check with a registration form. Please click here for instructions and to download a registration form. 

If you wish to wait and try a class for free before you register, you may do so. 

However, please note that enrollment is limited, and we will not save you a space until we receive your payment. 

Please note that if enrollment is insufficient for one of the class times listed here, we may cancel that class. If this is the case, and you are not able to attend at another class time (i.e. Tuesday, if the Monday class is cancelled) we will be happy to offer you a refund.

Practice DVD

A Review and Practice DVD is available for a cost of 25 dollars.