This intermediate qigong practice naturally stimulates the wood element of your body in accord with Chinese five-element theory.  

It consists of a single continuous movement which you do repeatedly.  

Through it you learn to move energy upward and downward and expand your energy outward and absorb energy inward - as a tree does.  

You also learn to circulate chi through the macro- and micro-cosmic orbits of your body and how to pulse your joints and cavities.  

It is used in China for conditions such as arthritis.

Gods Playing in the Clouds Qigong Move 2

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You’ll learn the basic movements of Heaven and Earth, as well as those of Circling Hands – a related exercise.

We’ll explore the nature of circular movement and yin/yang transitions and how to connect your chi to that of the earth.

EARLY FALL SESSION - September 5 to October 17


Permission of instructor based on experience with Energy Gates qigong. 

This course will not be offered this session.

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We’ll explore qigong techniques such as bending and stretching, microalignments, yin and yang lengthening, tissue twisting, wrapping, ligament gathering and releasing, joint pulsing, projecting chi, micro– and macrocosmic energy circulations, and connecting to the chi of the heavens.

Prerequisite: Completion of Introduction

SUMMER SESSION - June 20 to August 8

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EARLY FALL SESSION - September 5 to October 17

Class Times:

Thursdays        12:30 to 1:45 p.m.  Kathryn


7 weeks, September 5 to October 17.

Cost: $140.

If you take multiple courses during this session, then you may take a $20 discount off your base fee for this course.

Registration and Payment:

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Or you may pay in person at our studio by check, cash, or credit card.

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