Level 2a Refinements -
Integrated Movement and Pushing and Pulling Chi

Instructor Bill Ryan will teach Level 2a Refinements workshops at Brookline Tai Chi on the following Sundays from 2 to 3:45 p.m.:

  • December 20, 2015

In these workshops we will explore topics such as how to:

  • consciously turn the muscles of your arms and legs to move your body and stimulate every joint, muscle, and ligament of your body

  • use the "body gears" of your lower body and integrate these with your upper body gears

  • extend and elongate your breathing and chi flows

  • improve your ability to absorb chi into your body

  • better and more clearly connect to the energies of earth below you and the heavens above you

  • draw in energy from and release energy to the earth below and the heavens above you

Your energy development goal will be to learn to "push" and "pull" energy with your hands in an unbroken fashion along the skin of your body, continuously in every movement to and from the top of your head, the bottom of your feet, and the tips of your fingers and toes.

Through supplemental exercises we also will teach you how to push and pull chi in your "wei chi" (the protective layer of chi located just under your skin) along key sections of your body.

Prerequisite: You must have developed and be able to demonstrate the skills and capacities taught in our Level 1b workshops. If you have any doubt about whether you have these skills, please attend a Level 1b workshop first and ask Bill to evaluate whether he thinks you are ready for Level 2a. If so, then you may stay that day for the 2a workshop or return on later Sundays.

Fee: $60 for each workshop

To Register for a Workshop:

To register online, click here to go to the Brookline Tai Chi website page for the next workshop. If the event page is not available yet, then you will see the BTC home page. Please return at a later date to see if the event page has been published yet.

You may also register at the door and pay with cash or a check made out to Brookline Tai Chi.

Future Dates: If you would like to be notified about future workshops, please click here to join our email list.