Level 1b Refinements Workshop


Sunday, November 15, 2015
11:15 to 1:45 p.m.

at Brookline Tai Chi
131 Cypress Street, Brookline, MA

with Bill Ryan

To help you practice after this workshop, for several weeks you will receive email tips periodically on how and what to practice.


We are not currently offering Level 1a Refinements workshops. Brookline Tai Chi offers Level 1a courses, and at Toward Harmony we offer courses at this level which we call Refinements Series 1 courses.

It is best if you learn the Level 1a material before you take our 1b workshops. But if you are not able to - or you otherwise wish to – participate in our Level 1b workshops, you may join us, as long as you already comfortably know the basic movements of Dragon & Tiger qigong.

You can learn the movements of Dragon & Tiger at Brookline Tai Chi, through our 10-week online course, through our teacher Bruce Frantzis' book and DVD's, through weekly classes with us in Northampton, or through another instructor near you.

Better Balance: Bill will teach you techniques to improve your balance such as how to use:

  • your feet and your weight on your feet
  • knee and elbow circles and positioning
  • one arm to balance the other
  • your legs to balance your arms and vice versa
  • gravity to your advantage
  • better positioning of your spine and head
  • your eyes, ears, and feeling awareness

He'll also teach you supplementary exercises that you can practice to help you do these techniques.

Energy Sensitivity:  Bill will explore with you how to feel energy continuously as you do the exercise set.

He'll also teach about how to push and pull chi along key energy pathways of your body.

Fee: $75

To Register:

To register online, click here to go to the Brookline Tai Chi website page for this event. If the event page is not available yet, then you will see the BTC home page. Please return at a later date to see if the event page has been published yet.

You may also register at the door and pay with cash or a check made out to Brookline Tai Chi.