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July 24 to August 1

This 5-week course will give you a taste of the tai chi and qigong that we teach, while introducing you to some of the foundational principles of these arts.

You will learn some simple tai chi and qigong movements, a qigong standing practice to release tension while improving posture, and a basic breathing practice.

As you sample these different practices, you will become familiar with some of the themes which are fundamental to tai chi and qigong, such as circularity, moderation, balance, and letting go.

These practices have been used for many different purposes over their long history, and have a multitude of documented benefits. One of these is the relief of anxiety, and we will explore how to practice qigong and tai chi with this purpose in mind.

Anxiety seems to be on the rise, according to recent polls by the American Psychiatric Association (Moran, 2018). This course will introduce you to a set of tools which you can use to help manage the anxiety of everyday life in our modern world.

Whether you are interested in working with anxiety or not, you’ll find this course to be a fun and playful introduction to qigong and tai chi.

This course will prepare your for our tai chi and qigong courses in the fall.


Moran, M. (2018, May 29) APA Poll Finds Americans’ Anxiety is Increasing. Psychiatric News. Retrieved from

Summer Session - July 24 to August 22

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On Wednesday, July 24 or 31 or Thursday, July 25 or August 1, you may try your first class for free, unless the course is already fully enrolled. 

On these days, before you come to try a free class, please check the top of any page of our website or call us at 413-586-8880 and select option 1. You will find or hear an announcement if the course is already fully enrolled.

Class Times:

Wednesdays        12:30 - 1:45 p.m.     Dan
Thursdays        5:45 - 7 p.m.      Dan

Each class in a week covers the same material. Once you have paid the course fee, you may come to one or both classes in any week.


5 Weeks - July 24 through August 22


$80 for the series, or $25 per drop-in class.

In addition, if you take multiple courses during this session, then you may take a $20 discount off your base fee for each course.

We do not offer other discounts for your first course. But once you've completed a course and proven your interest, we'll be happy to work with you to establish for you a fee you can afford going forward.

Registration and Payment:

Please click here to register online and pay by credit card through our website. 

You may also pay in person at our studio by check or cash, or mail us a check with a registration form. Please click here for instructions and to download a registration form. 

If you wish to wait and try a class for free before you register, you may do so. 

However, please note that enrollment is limited, and we will not save you a space until we receive your payment.